I might not hear or see very well ...

... but I love exploring new places. And so, I keep traveling the world, pushing my limits and broadening my horizon. Most importantly, I live. That's what you'll read about on this blog.


Usher Syndrome.

I admit my weaknesses, I know my strengths and I stay focussed on my dreams. 


On both sides I wear hearing aids since the age of four.


And I also happily wear toric lenses and sunglasses.

Read my blog.

about Usher Syndrome, my Travel Journal and my 5 months in Nepal right after the earthquake in particular.

Special thanks:

Despite having Usher Syndrome, I have many wonderful travel experiences in Nepal thanks to my best friend Govinda. He understands my hearing and vision loss and my desire to travel. And so he always makes sure I can have another Himalayan adventure like any other crazy traveler.

Check out his brand new website or admire beautiful snapshots of Nepal on Instagram.

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